Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poor Bert!!

April fools!! Well, not really, Bert had to have 3 wisdom teeth and a buried canine in his lower front jaw pulled. He was pretty funny while still on the meds. Here he is just chilling at our house with ice cream and some movies. He is healing well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Downstairs bathroom


(the post won't let me put in space, hence the dots, it looks better without them, you get the idea)

We've started in on the downstairs bathroom, mostly to coax Jake into staying with us while he does some research for Uncle Gibb.

Jaxon Casey Hardy

It was amazing that he could sleep through Savannah squealing during her birthday party.


That's how Savannah greeted us the other night when we showed up for her birthday party!! She was so cute and growing up so fast. We gave her a bathing suit & cover up with some "pull string" fish that really swim. Great Grandma & pa Franck gave her a swimming pool. Do you see the theme? Now if only the weather would co-operate!!

Proud Grandpa!!

Gwendolen Mary turns 81!

I don't think she'd mind me telling her age, when you look this good-you need to brag a little!!