Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

David James - Grill Master
David BBQed up a Tucanos recipe for Garlic Sirloin. Alison organized the dinner so the mothers didn't have to cook. Jesus hosted the party at his house.
It was a nice day.

The Fam in Utah

Kevin's kids where with their mother and Jake was in California.

My Mother

I miss my mom, but very grateful for her influence on all our lives, she was so wonderful!!
I'm wearing one of her sweaters, Theresa was wearing one of her jackets.

Grandma loves her boy

I promise, he does smile, just not for the camera.

So Cute...nuf said

New Aprons for all!

Mother and Child


Oh,this little boy will have a lot to endure in his fun life that awaits him!

Starting early

Grandpa is introducing little Noah to power tools at a very young age. He was fascinated though. Notice the "old" cupboards, they are getting refinished.

New Friend

I bought a turtle that makes noises and lights up. It's Noah babe's new little friend.

Hazel's 23rd birthday!

Cute Cake

Okay, it's simple but I'm not used to making "girly" cakes!!

All the Curtis kids together

It fits!!

Great Aunt Jane and Natalie

Jane, David and Seth brought Natalie down to Orem so she could attend UVU.


Here's the grandson...I just love to chew on those piggies!!