Wednesday, October 14, 2009

These make me laugh

Thanks to Danell for the idea. I heard they were delicious, I never got to try one.

Missing David

Here is the original Franck family unit, missing David, just ain't the same without him.
We were all at a Sunday dinner, hosted by Jesus in his home. We had a traditional Franck roast beef dinner and lots of laughter. good times!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paula's 50!!

On September 16th 2009 I turned 50 years old!! I can't believe it, isn't that supposed to be old? I don't feel it!! I spent the day with visiting my father in the morning, then out to lunch and a movie with my mother and then Kevin invited people over for cake and ice cream, he gave me a new bike!! It was a good day.

What a cute couple!!

How lucky am I to have such wonderful parents??

One Happy LIttle Boy!

He always has a smile for you!

Ride Savannah Ride!!

Doesn't do it justice!!

I don't think any camera could capture how beautiful the leaves are this year. I was able to drive up on Sunday with widow from my ward and then with my husband, Mother and Father and his cousin on Monday - so amazing and vibrant!!

Check out the view!!

So, I've moved offices. I used to be in the Richards Building, in the cave as we called it, no windows. I only knew what the weather when the thunder would crack overhead or people would come in with snow on their hats. Yesterday I watched a storm roll in and dump snow on top of Timpanogos. The mountain is now snow capped and the red and orange leaves are at her feet, it's incredible!! That's Lavell Edwards stadium there, wish I could see the games from here but I can't, it will be the perfect stop to watch fireworks next 4th of July though!!

Noah & Bert's birthdays

Noah's birthday is the 21st of August and Bert's is the 22nd. Noah is 29, Bert is 18!!

Jake came to visit!!

We actually got to see him for a couple of hours. He helped Gramp remove nails from boards as Kevin worked on the fence.


Boy oh Boy, it's a boy!! I hope he has curly hair like Noah and big eyes like Stephanie and that he comes over to play often!!

David James' 24th birthday

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seth and Chelsey's wedding

My mom, Noah and I were able to fly up to Portland for Seth's marriage to Chelsey on Saturday, June 27. Noah was the photographer and took some great photos (these aren't those). It was good to be there for him and help out with the wedding/reception. The weather was beautiful and everything went well. Todd performed the wedding in the old Chapel on Going Street.
Noah and I had to leave the next day, my mom is staying for a couple of weeks.

We thought Seth had Pink Eye for his wedding, it turned out to be a piece of shrapnel that was working it's way out. Our Marines do more for us that we know!! After 3 tours to Iraq he is still dealing with it. Thanks Seth!!


A friend of ours let us use their cabin for 3 nights just outside of Manti at 6 mile Canyon. It was a nice home with a bunk house, there was plenty of room for a crowd but it was Stephanie, Noah, David, Kevin and I. Hazel, Nate, Savannah and Jaxon came up for a little while. Nate fished and was happy with Lake Palisade. We went to the temple and to the pageant. Savannah fed the ducks until they couldn't eat anymore. Kevin took her on a squirrel hunt using squirt guns. We came across a great book sale, $6.25 for a big box of used children's books!! It was a fun time, thanks to the Skousens.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cancun Mexico

Look at that water, its not been photoshopped or anything, it really is that beautiful!!
I don't have the underwater pictures developed yet, I'll post those as soon as I get them.

Cancun Caribe Grand Park Royal Hotel

It was a beautiful hotel and so fun to be there with Jane and Dave!

hmmm, nothing there we need to spend our pesos on!!

When in Mexico....

Chichen Itza Temple

Chichen Itza in Mayan means Water Well Witches, don't know why though.
Here's Kevin and I with David and Jane at the main temple. It was fascinating. It was a hot, muggy day, hence why we're in the shade.

Friday, June 5, 2009

BERT the graduate!!

Bert graduated from Pleasant Grove High School on May 29th in the Marriott Center. Way to go BERT!!!
BYU Here he comes!

8 favorites

Kendle challenged me to do this...

[8 favorite tv shows]
*the office
*the today show
*Clean House
*Gilligan's Island
*Parks & Recreation
*30 Rock

[8 things i did yesterday]
*tanning for the last time before heading to Cancun
*watched House
*saw Olivia
*Went Target
*Visited my parents

[8 restaurants i love]
*Cafe Rio
*Jason's Deli
*Panda Express
*PF Chang's
*California Pizza Kitchen
*In N Out

[8 things im looking forward to]
*Cancun - tomorrow
*scuba diving
*Kevin & I laughing with David & Jane
*cabin in Manti
*Seth's wedding
*Fourth of July, floating the Provo River
*the bathroom being finished

[8 things on my wish list]
*happy healthy children/grandchildren
*a relaxing vacation
*fabulous at 50
*my Primary kids will learn their songs
*be healthy
*save money

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Memorial day!!

I really like this photo of Dad and Mom with the flag in the background.

Vet Memorial

This is a fairly recent addition to the PG cemetery. It is a very nice tribute to the armed forces, there is also a lovely fountain, flowers and name plaques.

Donna Culmer Franck

My grandmother's headstone. She is buried next to her sister Norma and brother-in-law, George (Uncle Peg).

Memorial Day

David, Mom, Dad, Kevin & Jane at my dad's mother's grave site in Pleasant Grove.

Memorial Day weekend

Sunday, May 24th, the descendants of Arthur Beal Simmons and Mary Culmer at the Provo Cemetery. Mary was one of two wives of Arthur. Each wife had 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys each. My grandmother was the youngest of the girls.
L to R front row
Laura Dyer, David B Franck, Gwendolen Franck
back row
David D Franck(visiting from Vancouver, WA), David Sparks, David Nathan Franck, Theresa Dyer, Alison Dyer, Paula Curtis, Jessie Dyer, Evelyn Powers, Emily Powers

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jaxon's blessing day!!

Proud Grandpa!!

Kevin was honored to give Jaxon his name and blessing.
We went to the Hardy's ward in PG.
Jaxon was a very well behaved little boy for the event.

Jaxon smiles...

and giggles too!!