Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seth and Chelsey's wedding

My mom, Noah and I were able to fly up to Portland for Seth's marriage to Chelsey on Saturday, June 27. Noah was the photographer and took some great photos (these aren't those). It was good to be there for him and help out with the wedding/reception. The weather was beautiful and everything went well. Todd performed the wedding in the old Chapel on Going Street.
Noah and I had to leave the next day, my mom is staying for a couple of weeks.

We thought Seth had Pink Eye for his wedding, it turned out to be a piece of shrapnel that was working it's way out. Our Marines do more for us that we know!! After 3 tours to Iraq he is still dealing with it. Thanks Seth!!


A friend of ours let us use their cabin for 3 nights just outside of Manti at 6 mile Canyon. It was a nice home with a bunk house, there was plenty of room for a crowd but it was Stephanie, Noah, David, Kevin and I. Hazel, Nate, Savannah and Jaxon came up for a little while. Nate fished and was happy with Lake Palisade. We went to the temple and to the pageant. Savannah fed the ducks until they couldn't eat anymore. Kevin took her on a squirrel hunt using squirt guns. We came across a great book sale, $6.25 for a big box of used children's books!! It was a fun time, thanks to the Skousens.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cancun Mexico

Look at that water, its not been photoshopped or anything, it really is that beautiful!!
I don't have the underwater pictures developed yet, I'll post those as soon as I get them.

Cancun Caribe Grand Park Royal Hotel

It was a beautiful hotel and so fun to be there with Jane and Dave!

hmmm, nothing there we need to spend our pesos on!!

When in Mexico....

Chichen Itza Temple

Chichen Itza in Mayan means Water Well Witches, don't know why though.
Here's Kevin and I with David and Jane at the main temple. It was fascinating. It was a hot, muggy day, hence why we're in the shade.

Friday, June 5, 2009

BERT the graduate!!

Bert graduated from Pleasant Grove High School on May 29th in the Marriott Center. Way to go BERT!!!
BYU Here he comes!

8 favorites

Kendle challenged me to do this...

[8 favorite tv shows]
*the office
*the today show
*Clean House
*Gilligan's Island
*Parks & Recreation
*30 Rock

[8 things i did yesterday]
*tanning for the last time before heading to Cancun
*watched House
*saw Olivia
*Went Target
*Visited my parents

[8 restaurants i love]
*Cafe Rio
*Jason's Deli
*Panda Express
*PF Chang's
*California Pizza Kitchen
*In N Out

[8 things im looking forward to]
*Cancun - tomorrow
*scuba diving
*Kevin & I laughing with David & Jane
*cabin in Manti
*Seth's wedding
*Fourth of July, floating the Provo River
*the bathroom being finished

[8 things on my wish list]
*happy healthy children/grandchildren
*a relaxing vacation
*fabulous at 50
*my Primary kids will learn their songs
*be healthy
*save money