Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pic a nic basket

Yard sale purchase for $3.00 - I painted the lid - priceless.

Wheelbarrel boy

how cute is he?!?!?!?

Noah helper-boy

Little Noah helps Grandpa (papa) with the new rocked in area between the Reed's house and ours. We had flowers in there but the weeds took over. I forgot to take an "after" photo but I will. Kevin - and David - picked up some decorative rock (Kevin found an ad that if they took the rock off the fireplace they could have it free). Doesn't the one photo of Noah's footprints remind you of the commercial where the little boy walks in the wet cement?

Enjoying the castle

Noah and Steph in the castle. Noah says a prayer on his oatmeal!!


Poor Cinder-Fella has to do all the work, but we know he is really a Prince!!


Savannah and Jaxon making mud pies! Savannah was much neater than Jaxon - he just wanted to cover the Toy Story characters in mud. Savannah made 2 mud and rock pies. Fun stuff!