Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sliver!!

Saturday was gorgeous, perfect weather and time to spend on the yard. Kevin borrowed the Bishop's rototiller and with my father supervising and Noah shoveling and pulling out unwanted grass, we now have beautiful garden and flower beds. I helped with the grass, collecting rocks and bringing the nourishment. Towards the end of the day Kevin was boxing in our garden plot, I was helping. I brushed some dirt off the red wood plank and embedded a .5 inch sliver into my middle finger (I know!) of my left hand. I tried getting it out but to no avail. I thought I'd leave it for a day and see if it would work itself out, nope, it just swelled and hurt. The entertainment for after Sunday dinner was the efforts to try and get it out again. It had sunk deep into my finger and there was no finding it. Dad said to put heat on it and go into urgent care in the morning.
First thing this morning I headed to UC. The first shots of anesthesia didn't work so the doc had to use something stronger, he said it would be numb for 8-12 hours - ok. I watched the whole thing, the doc was impressed. He really had to dig, but finally pulled out the beauty pictured above.

Palm view

With all the cutting the doc had to do, he then needed to stitch it up. It took 3 stitches, well, 4, one ripped and he had to do it over. At this point the numbness was gone already so I could feel it all. He told me that I'm one in a million who the anesthesia wears off quickly. Lucky me, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. Then I had to get a tetanus shot, the nurse told me it would really hurt tomorrow :)

Top of Hand

Then I had to get an antibiotic. The pharmacist asked me if I was allergic to penicillin, yes, in fact I am...keflex is from the penicillin family, so he gave me a warning, if I'm feeling funny to get some benadrill & get to the ER, I started laughing and said "all over a sliver?" He laughed too. I'm glad I made his morning. So that's my Monday, how's yours? Photos by Kendle.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I'm blogging...

I give credit to Kendle Suzanne Farr for getting me started on a blog.
Noah has probably wanted me to do this for awhile but Kendle has been patient and stood by me as I tried to figure out how to do it.
Anyway, I started my history back in July of 07 when Kevin and I were married, as my life begin anew then.

David Bruce Franck turns 83.

Theresa made a cherry pie (actually 2) to celebrate my dad's birthday on 2/22.

Bean Museum

I got to take Savannah for a day while Hazel and Jaxon were still in the hospital. We had a ball looking at the animals in the Bean Museum and the playground at McDonalds.

Jaxon Casey Hardy arrives on Feb. 11, 2009.

There's no man like a snowman - unless it's Jake!!

Christmas Morning Stockings!!

Noah & Steph with their stockings

The newlyweds spent their first Christmas together in Sacramento. We opened gifts with them before they left. We missed them on Christmas day but they had a good time in CA.

Ben & Kevin chatting with Elder Curtis Christmas day.

Elder Curtis, where's his package?

I painted a Nativity backdrop for use in our Primary. I'm the chorister and just HAD to have the children act out the nativity, even if it was just for parents in the back 1/2 of the Primary room.

Christine Sue!

Correction, SISTER Christine Sue Dyer enters the MTC, November 2008.

Evelyn Theresa Powers joins the family tree.

Christine with Evelyn, joining some bonding time before Christine leaves on her mission.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Halloween 2008

Noah and Steph, spider and a "fly" Hawaiian boy,
Palin and McCain made a big hit at the Ward Party.
Kendle displays our office decorations, thanks to her I'm a blogger, thanks Kendle Sue!!

BYU vs New Mexico

My dad is one of BYU's biggest fans!

The Hardys come to stay.

Hazel, Nate and Savannah stayed with us for a little while when they left St. George to move back up our way. Savannah enjoys a homemade snowcone on a hot August day. I don't know which one is sweeter!

My baby turns 23!!

Chocolate Chip Mint makes any day a celebration!

Meet the Catrons...

Here Elder Curtis is with his companion, Elder Touli and some of the Catron women, Kim, Jamie and Chrissy. They are good people that are keeping a watchful eye on our missionary. Look how lush & green it is there in Renton, Washington. By the way, Kim is the daughter of Senator Orrin Hatch.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Noah Sparks!! 7-26-2008

So, 364 days after Kevin & I tied the knot in the Timpanogos Temple, Noah & Stephanie were sealed in the Sacramento Temple - oh, happy day!!

Eagle Creek, along the Columbia River Gorge.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking the plunge!

Kevin is taking a photo of the gang that hiked up Eagle Creek to the Devil's punch bowl. The brave boys jump off the cliffs into freezing water. It was a beautiful day. Those that went were Kevin, Bert, Ben, David, Nate, Jesus, Alison and me.


Countdown to the wedding, just a few weeks away.

Build a better bonfire!!

Tradition has it to build a bigger bonfire every year.
This one attracted a crowd when it was torched.

Jetty Fishery to do some crabbing, Bert and Ben's first time!

Shower the Bride!!

Theresa threw a bridal shower for Stephanie. Here's Steph with your (to be) new family members, Grandma Franck, Theresa, Alison, Laura, Christine and Emily Powers and ME! We welcome her with open arms!!

Bomb pops after we floated down the Provo River to celebrate the fourth of July

Jake and Amy run the St. George tri-atholon, June 2008

Savannah takes her Grandpa to Chuck E Cheeses' for his birthday!