Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jaxon celebrates

Princesses and the fourth!!

Theresa helps Gwendolen, Cecily and Savannah who dressed up like Princesses to celebrate Independence Day!!

Grandsons and Grandmas


Friday, July 2, 2010

Ever been to a Drum Circle?

Well, I have...now. Jacob took us to the beach just down from Salt Creek to join about 100 other people dancing and drumming around a bon fire.
I haven't been on the beach at night in a long time. We met Katie, who got Jacob a job as a Park Ranger in Yosemite, in fact, he left today to drive up there. My boy will be chasing bears - he loved bears as a kid, now it will be a bit close for comfort for me, but I trust he will do a great job and we plan on visiting him. Yeah Jake!!

Sun and Fun

That evening we picked Jacob up and drove to North Hollywood (3 hours of traffic jams) and barely made it in time to see the play "Amadeus". It was worth the drive. We had a great time, the theater was packed (33 people). But it was well done and we really enjoyed it. The next day Jacob took us to Crystal Bay to kayak. I remember snorkeling there once with Noah and Jesus, but I've been so spoiled. I now prefer my ocean, warm and no waves ahhhhh Grand Cayman!!
We then met up with David and Jane at Salt Creek Grill for a delicious dinner together.

Won a Whale!

I had David shoot 3 baskets to win me a whale - okay for Savannah. He missed the first two shots but nailed the 3rd -love my brother - I had total faith in him!!


Kevin and I met up with David and Jane in La Jolla, the next day we took a trip to Sea World. We were like a couple of little kids!