Monday, December 27, 2010

Good bye 2010

this year started out quite sad yet wonderful with the passing of my parents. I miss them dearly but it is SO comforting to know that they are together, that is such a huge blessing. I can't imagine the loneliness one feels of losing a loved one and waiting to be reunited with them again. Mom and Dad didn't have to go through that.
2010 ended on such happy notes...2 weddings and a missionary with so many other wonderful things, like Jacob moving up here, the love of family and friends and neighbors. We are very blessed.
Here's to a piece of heaven in 2011!!

The Andersons

Megan's family came for a visit and to bring up the rest of their gifts. We played games, arm wrestled and Erin ate 10 of my sugar cookies!!

Merry Christmas, 2010

Jacob (who has now moved to Utah - yeah) received a portable camping stove, D&M got a George Foreman - indoor/outdoor and certificate to Tai Pan Trading, Ben got a Nook Book, Kevin and I gave each other Gold's Gym.

All about the grandkids

It's true that it's more fun to watch the little ones open their presents than open anything for yourself. Look how cute these children are!!

Mr. & Mrs. Casey Scott Curtis 12-18-2010

2 weddings in 3 weeks, plus a missionary in between kept us pretty busy and grateful!!
Casey and Emily were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple with a reception at Somewhere Inn Time. They left the next morning for Jamaica for their honeymoon. Casey's huge smile tells it all!!

Emma and Joseph

Noah and Steph were chosen to play Emma and Joseph for a RS play.


The Riverwoods have been beautifully remodeled with fire pits, gazebo, lights etc. We took Hazel and the kids to see Tangled and then to the Riverwoods to ride in the horse drawn carriage ("nays" as Jaxon refers to horses). He especially liked the ride, Savannah sat on my lap for the movie and she loved it. Fun day!!

Ward Christmas Party

Noah tugs on Santa's beard.

Our last evening with Bert

These two will change a lot in 2 years!

Little Man LIttle Suit

This is the suit I found for the little man.

Mr. & Mrs. David James Sparks

After the ceremony, we had lunch at El Torito for everyone then a reception in Temecula. Then the happy couple left for Mexico for their honeymoon.

November 27th, Sealed in San Diego Temple

Marriage license and endowments

Bert tops the tree

Since Bert will be leaving on 12/1 for the MTC and then for Baton Rouge on 12/21, he got to put the stars on top of the tree.
Congrats Bert!!

Hazel threw Emily a shower.

engagment photos

Megan gives David this look a lot!

Megan's Bridal Shower

Stephanie threw Megan a Bridal shower, we had it at my house. It was the FIRST bridal shower she has ever been to and it's for her!!

Everyone together

Okay, Christine had to photoshop Emily in.

"green" Halloween

Notice, all three grandkids were green this year. Savannah was Princess Tiana and Jaxon was the frog, that was Savannah's idea. Little Noah was a very scary T-rex.

Fall, my favorite season

These are the leaves outside my kitchen window, oh that's a new window too.